Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

October 16, 2023


Call to Order


Recognitions and Achievements

Student Scholarship Recognition

[Ms. Amy Bawcom]

Presentation of Leadership Academy Members

[Ms. Nicole Bell]

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Citizen's Communication

Items not on the agenda

Items on the agenda

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Swearing in New SGA Officers

[Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart]

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Reports from College Sanctioned Associations and their Representatives

Adjunct Faculty Association [Ms. Amber Luttig-Buonodono]

Classified Employees Association [Ms. Bernie Hinterlong]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Mr. Juan Molina]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Mr. David DeRouen]

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Chancellor’s Remarks and Updates

Report on the ACCT Leadership Congress

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Comments from Individual Trustees on Achievements and/or College Related Events

Report on the ACCT Leadership Congress


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Approval of Minutes

2023-110 Minutes of the August 21, 2023 Regular

Meeting, the September 18, 2023 Special

Meeting, and the September 18, 2023 Regular

Meeting of the ACC Board of Trustees


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Consent Items

2023-111 Authorize the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract for Custodial Supplies and Services

[Mr. Neil Vickers] [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

2023-112 Authorize the Negotiation and Execution of Contracts for District-wide HeatingEquipment, Parts, Supplies and Services

Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

[Mr. Neil Vickers] [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

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Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Discussion and Possible Action

2023-113 Austin Community College District Police Department (ACC PD) Officers’ Commendations, Innovative Training, Awards, and Promotions Report

[Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm] [Chief Lynn Dixon]

2023-114 First 100 Days Presentation

[Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart]

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Discussion/Possible Action Items

2023-115 Personnel Update

[Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart]

[Mr. Cobby Caputo]

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Executive Session

The Board may go into executive session to deliberate on any item specifically listed on this agenda under the Open Meeting Act based on the following potential exceptions under the Act: Consultation with legal counsel regarding pending or contemplated litigation, or a settlement offer; or on any non-litigation matter on which the Board seeks or needs to receive legal advice, pursuant to Government Code §551.071; the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property pursuant to Government Code §551.072; relating to deliberations regarding a negotiated contract for a prospective gift or donation pursuant to Government Code §551.073; and/or relating to personnel matters pursuant to Government Code §551.074.


Reconvene & Closing

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