Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

Agenda January 10, 2022


Call to Order

Recognitions and Achievements

Student Scholarship Recognition [Ms. Amy Bawcom]

Retiree Recognition [Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Community Partners Presentation Discussion

Con Mi Madre [Dr. Johanna Moya Fabregas]

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Citizens Communication for Items on the Agenda

Citizens Communication for Items Not on the Agenda



Reports from College Sanctioned Associations and their Representatives

Adjunct Faculty Association [Mr. Don Morris]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Dr. Samantha Croft]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Dr. Samantha Ackers]

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Chancellor’s Remarks and Updates

[Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Approval of Minutes

2022-01 Minutes of the December 6, 2021 Regular Meeting of the ACC Board of Trustees

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Consent Items

2022-02 Authorize the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract for the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for Rio Grande Campus (RGC) 3000 Collaboratorium Army Futures Command (AFC) [Mr. Neil Vickers]

Board Action to Authorize the Board Chair to Execute the Attached Resale Deeds [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Discussion and Possible Action

2022-04 Austin Community College District Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Appointments [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

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2022-05 FY2021 Financial Audit Report [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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2022-06 Chancellor Priority 4 – Help Central Texans Get Back to Work and Started on A Career Path by Enhancing Student Opportunities for Job Entry and Career Progress [Mr. Mike Midgely]

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Discussion/Possible Action

2022-07 Austin Community College District Federal Legislative Priorities for 2022 [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

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2022-08 Data, Protocols, and Additional Measures Related to Health and Safety of ACC Students, Faculty and Staff in College Buildings [Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Board Members' Closing Comments

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