Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

Agenda October 5, 2020


Call to Order

Citizen’s Communication for Items on This Agenda

Citizen's Communication for Items Not on This Agenda

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Reports from Associations

Adjunct Faculty Association [Mr. Don Morris]

Classified Employee Association [Mr. Miguel DeLeon]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Dr. Wayne Butler]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Dr. Lauren Sebel]

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Chancellor’s Remarks and Updates

[Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Consent Agenda Items

9923 Board Action to Authorize the Board Chair to Execute the Attached Tax Resale Deeds [Mr. Neil Vickers]

9924 Authorize the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract for the Austin Community College District (ACC) for the ACC Highland Campus (HLC) Technical Lighting Equipment, Fixtures, and Accessories [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Discussion and Possible Action

Austin Community College District Police Department Officers’ Commendations, Innovative Training, Awards, and Promotions Report [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Chief Lynn Dixon]

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Discussion/Possible Action

Implementation of an Equity Council [Dr. Charles Cook, Mr. Larry Davis, Dr. Khayree Williams]

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Discussion of the ACC Fast Track Program [Dr. Charles Cook]

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9925 Proposed Approval of “Order Authorizing the Issuance of not to Exceed $60,000,000 Austin Community College District Limited Tax Refunding Bonds, Taxable Series 2020, Entering into an Escrow Agreement, Establishing Parameters for the Sale of the Bonds and Authorizing the Chancellor and/or the Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, to Enter into a Bond Purchase Agreement and a Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement, and Authorizing and Approving Other Matters Related Thereto.”[Mr. David Mendez, Mr. Neil Vickers]

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Board Members Closing Comments

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