Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

Agenda April 5, 2021


Call to Order

Army Futures Command Software Factory at ACC [General John Murray]

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Recognitions and Achievements

Bristol-Joseph Culinary Arts Scholarship [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Mr. Tavel Bristol-Joseph]

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Community Partners Presentation Discussion

Capital Idea [Mr. Steven Jackobs]

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Citizens Communication for Items on the Agenda

Citizens Communication for Items Not on the Agenda

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Reports from College Sanctioned Associations and their Representatives

Adjunct Faculty Association [Mr. Don Morris]

Student Government Association [Lira Ramirez]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Dr. Missi Patterson]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Dr. Lauren Sebel]

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Chancellor’s Remarks and Updates

[Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Approval of Minutes

9965 Minutes of the February 1, 2021 and the March 1, 2021 Regular Meetings of the ACC Board of Trustees

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Consent Item

9966 Approve Revised Board Policy BFE (Local) [Trustees]

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Institutional Effectiveness Reports for Discussion and Possible Action

Chancellor’s Priorities 3 [Mr. Mike Midgley]

ACC Team Participating in the Racial Equity Leadership Academy (RELA) [Mr.Larry Davis]

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Discussion/Possible Action

9969 Presentation and overview of refunding transactions given by Hilltop [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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9970 Approval of publication of NOI to enter into a lease in connection with the PFC refunding transaction [Mr. Neil Vickers]

9971 Appointment of underwriters for the Austin Community College District Limited Tax Refunding Bonds, Taxable Series 2021 transaction [Mr.Neil Vickers]

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9967 Review Board Policy CIA (Local) – Senior Disabled Homestead Exemptions [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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9968 FY 2022 Budget Study [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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Executive Session

The Board may go into executive session to deliberate on any item specifically listed on this agenda under the Open Meeting Act based on the following potential exceptions under the Act: Consultation with legal counsel regarding pending or contemplated litigation, or a settlement offer; or on any non-litigation matter on which the Board seeks or needs to receive legal advice, pursuant to Government Code §551.071; the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property pursuant to Government Code §551.072; relating to deliberations regarding a negotiated contract for a prospective gift or donation pursuant to Government Code §551.073; and/or relating to personnel matters pursuant to Government Code §551.074.

9972 Real Estate Update


Board Members Closing Comments

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