ACC Media Streaming

The ACC Streaming Server delivers video on-demand and instructional content at anytime and from anywhere.

ACC Defining Moments
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The TLED Office of Academic Technology (OAT) provides resources for live and vod streaming video, interactive and training files hosting, video trans-coding, and captioning to ACC faculty and staff.

IT ACC AWS streaming services are provided by request and the system is powered by AWS Elemental MediaConvert. For more information, visit the Office of Academic Technology (OAT).

Enhance Teaching & Learning with ACC Lecture Capture

Currently, the Austin Community College supports two lecture capture tools, VidGrid and Mediasite, and these online applications provide personal accounts for the ACC faculty/staff. Please, be aware that neither VidGrid nor Mediasite are systems to archive videos and we recommend that users keep a local copy of their videos for backup.

Welcome to ACC Panopto for Education

In 2023, Panopto for Education will replace Mediasite at ACC.

Panopto is an asynchronous video communication tool that enables the creation and sharing of on-demand videos and screen recordings. Panopto also features a powerful video search engine that indexes the content within videos.

ACC faculty automatically activate and access the Panopto tool from their Blackboard account, and ACC staff can access Panopto separately from Blackboard.

One of the many advantages of Panopto is the policy retention and archiving built-in systems to keep and organize ACC videos for the long term.

We encourage faculty and staff to explore and use Panopto to publish videos or to embed videos to Blackboard courses.

Request support and general assistance with Panopto from the Instructional Support Specialist (FISS) at your campus.


Visit TLED Teaching Consultations & Support if you need help on a production or other type of digital project. TLED teams and Distance Education & Alternative Education staff are available for various types of consultations and to provide just-in-time assistance and support to faculty for their teaching.